[Announcement] Final Pitch Guidelines

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Please read the following information that help you prepare for the Final Pitch.

1. Before Dec. 22

Prepare Final Pitch slides (PPT, Prezi, or Keynote) and a film (video) of no more than 2 minutes.
Be suggested to insert the film into the slides for convenience of presentation. But still, you have to submit the film separately.
Fill in the information and sign your name on the " Declaration of Right Holder’s Consent ".

2. Dec. 22 Deadline of Submission

Submit your slides and film to the Google Drive announced on the 2021 YES Challenge website https://yes.apec-acabt.org/2021/news/2. The deadline for files submission is Dec. 22 00:00 (GMT/UTC+8).
Files cannot be revised after submission.

3. Dec. 23 Final Pitch test run and schedule announcement
Every team will join the online test run at 16:00 (UTC/GMT+8) to ensure that every team‘s presentation and communication with juries will go smoothly without any difficulty. Please be suggested to make sure your speaker and camera work.
Every team witnesses the drawing lots that decide the order of each teams’ presentation. We will confirm the Final Pitch schedule right after the decision and discussion.

4. Dec. 24 Final pitch presentation

Be online at 09:30 (GMT/UTC+8) for a test run and group photos before the presentations. The first team‘s presentation will begin at 10:15 (GMT/UTC+8).
Each team presents their Final Pitch for no more than 15 minutes (including film length), which is followed by Q&A within 15 minutes.
You may present your Final Pitch in two ways:
1. Directly give your speech by the time in your oral presentation.

2. Prerecord your oral presentation and play it in your presentation. While you should upload it to Google Drive before Dec. 23 00:00 (GMT/UTC+8).

After every teams’ presentations and juries’ discussion, we will announce the ranks and winners in an award ceremony at 16:45-17:30 (GMT/UTC+8).
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send them by Email to Mr. Michael LIU apecyeschallenge@gmail.com