a dating internet site for “Geeks” — SoulGeek aids lovers Find Fellowship and Love

The Short Version: Lovers of fandoms, fantasies, sci-fi, and various other innovative really works will geek on over SoulGeek — a dating website built to match lover women and enthusiast guys who’re looking rewarding connections. On this website, geeks experience their own wacky passions in a safe and judgment-free area. Discussion boards, forums, and blog sites inspire a community sensation, so singles do not have to jump into personal texting at once. This “cyber-home of technical internet dating” is made in memory space of Mary Kay Bergman, a voice celebrity and belated girlfriend of Founder Dino Andrade. To celebrate her rich life in addition to their geeky really love, the guy built SoulGeek as a bat indication contacting together singles that a weakness for love and a superhuman feeling of fun.


Dino Andrade, a vocals star, stay-at-home parent, and founder of SoulGeek, had gotten in to the internet dating sector not to earn profits but to manufacture a difference. Their inspiration can be traced back again to November 1999 when vocals actress Mary Kay Bergman passed on during the ages of 38.

“She had been a genuine star in animation. During the time of her passing, we might been married for several years,” he stated. “She wasn’t just my personal spouse — she was actually my companion.”

Instantly he was a geek without you to definitely discuss the joys of dressing up for conventions or reading Terry Pratchett fantasy books. Mary Kay’s passing got a difficult cost on him, and joining  basic dating web sites merely made him feel more isolated.

Many years later on, at a celebration inside the home town, the guy found a unique desire in a classic fire. The guy reconnected with his twelfth grade lover — a geeky lady who would lured his interest by doodling the Starship Enterprise on her laptops. That they hadn’t viewed both in 26 many years, although spark was still there.

“She returned into my life and assisted put back collectively my personal shattered spirit,” the guy stated. “She just put her hands around me and has not let go.” Today married with a 6-year-old child, the family indulges in geeky events like “earth on the Apes” tests and at-home “Lord associated with the Rings (Extended release)” movie marathons.

1 day, as Dino along with his new spouse, Casey, stood turn in hand at a “Battlestar Galactica” occasion in Los Angeles, the guy observed a young woman eyeing all of them. “i really hope we’re not bothering you,” the guy said good-naturedly.

She shook her head. “No, I just hope i could discover a nerd of my right here,” she stated.

Dino had been floored through this remark. To him, it was unfathomable that this type of a lovely geeky woman could be single. The guy felt that loneliness really, very he took it upon themselves, in memory space of their late partner, to construct somewhere in which unmarried lover women and enthusiast men could find each other.

SoulGeek is a dating internet site from geeks for geeks. Within this area, singles with boundless imaginations and romantic aspirations express their unique passion for fandoms, cosplay, and events.

“the things I truly planned to carry out was to make anything great emerge from catastrophe,” the guy stated. “As heartbroken when I were to be widowed in my own belated 30s, i am really fortunate that I experienced two soul geeks inside my lifetime. I wanted to create an area in which that was feasible for other individuals at all like me.”

Talk “buddy” & type: a secure destination for every Fandoms & Orientations

Launched in Summer 2007, right before the hillcrest Comic-Con, SoulGeek has discussion boards, blog sites, and look attributes to simply help people link. A regular autoscan e-mail features the pages a member may like based on his/her preferences. This particular aspect merely improves much more folks register and employ your website.

A great deal of singles who join this “cyber-home of nerd matchmaking” tend to be under 30, and Dino mentioned the guy sees a lot geeky vow in younger generation.

“in my opinion geekdom is becoming popular,” he stated, “because of a complete generation that’s been fed fantasy storytelling by way of games. Every youngster is handed a video clip video game control and shown great really works of creative imagination.”

For lovers of comic publications, cosplay, and exhibitions, the dating site promotes a judgment-free zone where geeks is generally by themselves. In that character, all sexual orientations can subscribe in order to find the really love that appeals to them. “After having missing my partner, I’m sure just how priceless it really is to discover the love of lifetime,” Dino mentioned. “therefore, as much as I’m concerned, I want you to find really love regardless of your positioning. Love is actually really love. Course.”

SoulGeek takes great pains getting a secure haven for geeky like to blossom. Meaning fraudsters and spammers shall not go, and predatory behavior is not accepted. The moment a duplicitous account shows by itself, the user and all articles are taken out of the web site right away.

There’s nothing auto-approved, but an authentic individual checks out through all users assure their substance. Passionate about offering people best technical dating knowledge, the group tracks the website 24/7 and deletes inappropriate material before every user views it.

A-work of cardio — The Site’s Ongoing goal to Inspire Geek Love

After 1st partner passed away, Dino tried online dating sites in hopes of delivering a conclusion to their loneliness and heartache. Instead, the guy found themselves experiencing forced to conform also to lay about themselves — maybe not because he was a widower but because he had been a geek.

The unfiltered membership of a broad dating website did not accept a 30-something-year-old guy which loved “Star Trek” and comic publications.

“Thank you, SoulGeek, for giving so many of us someplace become ourselves without anxiety or concern, as well as for facilitating a secure and satisfying atmosphere to-fall thus seriously in love.” — Ded-Ded-Dedski & Elvinsword, SoulGeek people

The guy created SoulGeek to be a special form of dating internet site, one which fostered companionship and relationships among their other geeks. Anybody can join free of charge, together with cost to update an account for VIP features is a minor fee every month. Dino merely charges adequate to keep up with the web site and a little staff members. He or she isn’t inside your money can buy, however for the gratification that comes from helping others discover really love and delight within their schedules.

“I have no history in computer programming or web page building or any such thing such as that,” the guy stated. “This was strictly a work of heart.”

Dino additionally hosts repeated singles meetups in cities across the nation — from L.A. to Atlanta — where self-professed geeks mingle physically with that from their own ilk.

Nowadays, 30 Marriages & 2 Babies will be the Legacy of Dino’s Late Wife

SoulGeek’s achievements stories talk with the rainbow of forms that love takes. A lot of radiant reviews sing the praises of SoulGeek and inform the storyline of geeks falling in love over provided interests or idiosyncrasies.

Many years back, when SoulGeek was still in its first year, some users structured a surprise thank-you for Dino and his girlfriend during the Superstar Trek Hilton in Las vegas, nevada. Folks from all across the nation — as well as Japan — came to salute the creator from the nerd dating website. It was mainly lovers which found on the webpage. Dino recalled, “We returned to our lodge, and I also just wept like a baby because at that time we don’t know if the website had been operating.”

Through recommendations, SoulGeek’s Founder has actually heard back from lots of happy people. The guy informs us that at least 30 marriages and two babies have resulted from meeting regarding the web site — there could possibly be more happy partners available to you just who only have not reached out however.

Whenever a couple sent him the content that they had been having a baby after fulfilling on SoulGeek, Dino’s center soared. He made a unique visit to Columbus, Kansas, just to keep the infant lady (called Miranda) in the arms.

For him, this baby is a miracle, a full time income monument towards love the guy felt for Mary Kay Bergman. “The site had been in-built memory space of my later part of the girlfriend,” Dino stated passionately. “Every pair brought together, every one of those wedding events, every child produced belongs to her heritage.”

Dino’s 3 suggestions for solitary Geeks looking for a Soulmate

Dino really does all he is able to to help people come out of their own layer and locate a geeky lover to share in daily life’s adventure. Whenever asked about his information to SoulGeek consumers, he had been quick provide all of us three bits of advice about geeks in the online dating arena.

1. Listen and Respond

The key to becoming an effective actor, he told us, is true for dating too — tune in and answer. It isn’t really enough to remain silently in wait a little for your own look to talk. You will need to positively hear and meaningfully answer exactly what that other individual says.

“It’s not a ping-pong match,” he said. “it isn’t your own range, my range, the line; it’s listen and answer so dialogue is actually organic.”

Geeks like to discuss their interests, but this might be an overwhelming conversational design. Dino’s guidance is take a good deep breath from rambling about your very own interests to be controlled by your lover inform you of their or hers.

“As a nerd, you should explode about everything you’re into, and forget about to be controlled by each other,” the guy said. “however if you will get from the own ripple, you might learn a new cool thing to experience.”

2. Admiration distinctions of Opinion

Geeks like all types of niche activities and stories, and that is OK. Dino’s 2nd word of advice to single geeks just isn’t to give someone a hard time for preference or otherwise not liking some thing.

“If you’re searching for a clone of your self, that isn’t how dating really works,” the guy said. “We all have unique reasons for you. The main miracle of making that relationship final permanently is finding provided prices and discussed interests.”

To honor the other person and relationship, you should accept things you have in common as well as the things you cannot.

3. Head to Conventions

Last of all of the, Dino advises that solitary geeks overcome their unique timidity or personal awkwardness by going to a convention for fandoms they enjoy.

Conventions provide the ultimate method for geeks to find some other geeks. In a-sea of outfits and booths, men and women proclaim their unique passion, creativity, and quirkiness. “it’s not hard to hit up a conversation in this environment,” the guy said.

Since 2009, Dino has actually establish booths at Comic-Con along with other events to advertise SoulGeek, very he knows exactly what a good possibility it’s to meet up similar men and women. Members can use the meeting blog site to match which events are coming in which as soon as.

For all attendees, a visit to Comic-Con is tantamount to a holy pilgrimage with the center of all situations awesome. What much better place to start your own pursuit of really love but during this hub of geekdom?

Boldly Go: Seek new lease of life within the Dating Frontier With SoulGeek

From a widower in the late 30s to a daddy within his early 50s, Dino has gone through a lot of good and the bad inside the life, but with an unconquerable heart, the guy finds a method to change actually tragedy into one thing good. Through his dating internet site, he expectations to spread the love he is already been thus blessed to possess got inside the existence.

SoulGeek combines individuals who realize and celebrate each other’s quirks. Whether you are into “Star Trek,” “Doctor Exactly who,” or Marvel Comics, each one is introducing upload, chat, and flirt on this website. This might be a deeply personal mission for Dino, exactly who hopes their dating website motivates lots of lasting relationships in nerd society.

“i needed to construct a memorial to my wife,” he stated. “i needed truth be told there to-be a full time income legacy, and SoulGeek will it be.”