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Deadline: Registration & preliminary plan submission
Each team uploads two A4 pages (12-point font, double spaced) of the preliminary plan that matches with the requirements of 2021 APEC YES Challenge.
Announcement of selection for Semi-final Round (Max 20 teams)
The teams that enter Semi-final round need to register before the round starts.
Semi-final Round
Module online for participatory learning.
Deadline: Submission of Semi-final presentation
Each team uploads a film of no more than 2 minutes (expected to present it in form of ppt, prezi, keynote, or video; etc.).
Announcement of selection for Final Round (10 teams)
Final Round
Preparation for final pitch.
Announcement of pitch schedule
Online Final Pitch
Each team uploads final pitch proposal/video.

Note: The schedule might be adjusted at any time.


Read the guidelines on how to structure your submission

Submission Guidelines